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As part of a national Mental Health Strategy, our GP’s can now partner with professional psychologists to deliver counselling to overcome mental health issues such as depression and anxiety

Your GP is essential in the process as a correct diagnosis requires the full understanding of the spectrum of Mental disorders. If prescription therapy is required, only a medical practitioner can determine whether these medications are required.

 All of our GP’s are trained to deliver counselling and Mental Health Care Plan Preparation (Level 1 Mental Health Care).
Once a diagnosis has been made a Mental Health Care Plan may be prepared.  This process requires professional care and requires 30-45 minutes to prepare.  Once this has been created, a decision is made to follow prescription therapy, psychiatric specialist care or psychological counselling either online or face to face.
If face-to-face therapy is required, your GP may endorse 6 visits subsidised by Medicare through the Better Access program or via Brisbane Mind for those most socially disadvantaged.
Following a report from the psychologist, a further 4 visits may be authorised if measurable improvement can be documented.

Dr Hearnden is endorsed as having abilities in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy. He is recognised under Medicare to provide Focussed Psychological Strategies (Level 2 Mental Health Care).

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